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  • What to do if you’re a victim of bank fraud


    BANK frauds in this digital age have become more rampant than ever. From the traditional card skimming method to bank impersonation via text or email, bank frauds operate in ways that blindside many people, even vigilant ones. So what do you do you...

  • BDO Foundation CSR program named one of Asia’s best


    For the third straight year, BDO Foundation was recognized by the prestigious Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) for its outstanding achievement in corporate social responsibility (CSR). The financial education program for public schools--the...

  • Malware 101


    MALWARE is the umbrella term used for any harmful, malicious software or program on any device. Most likely these are installed without the user’s consent - such as when users click on infected links disguised to look legitimate (or phishing), or...

  • What are Cookies?


    “This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies.” Any person who has ever visited a website must have encountered a message like this before, but few understand or even know what these cookies...

  • How-to: Identify Unsafe Websites


    The Internet is a vast space where it’s so easy to get information - including copies of books, films, and other files for free.   However, lurking right under all this content are malicious or unsafe websites that can endanger your...

  • Four Tricks To Make Your Passwords Stronger


    For at least once during your life in cyberspace, you must have been stopped from signing up for something because your password wasn’t strong enough. We’ve all been there. But that doesn’t mean you should just be stuck with the same password...

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