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Standing Committees

Executive Committee

- The Executive Committee (Execom) passes and acts upon all matters affecting the association between meetings of the Board of Directors.

Finance Committee

- The Finance Committee (Fincom) exercises general supervision over the fiscal and financial affairs of the Association.

Operations Committee

- The Operations Committee (Opscom) acts on all queries and requests for clarification on matters pertaining to general banking operations and procedures. It makes recommendations for the adoption of rules relative to the same and other related matters.

To address specific banking operation issues and concerns, the Opscom has following subcommittees:

  • Anti-fraud & Related Crimes Against Bank
  • Clearing, Payments and Settlement
  • Compliance
  • Technology

Open Market Committee

- The Open Market Committee (OMC) acts on all queries and requests pertinent to open market issues and on matters related to treasury operations and procedures. It ensures the continuing development of the treasury market by formulating and enhancing treasury products.

To focus on specific treasury markets, products and programs, the OMC has the following subcommittees:

  • Benchmark Committee
  • Interest Rates Market
  • Forex Market
  • Derivatives Market
  • Treasury Certification Program

You can find the members of the BAP OMC for the term 2023-2024 here.

Membership & House Committee

- The Membership & House Committee (MHC) screens all applicants for membership and recommends approval to the Board.

Arbitration Committee

- The Arbitration Committee formulates guidelines on matters pertaining to business ethics and practices for member banks and sanctions for violation of the BAP By-laws and BAP Rules, by which all member banks agreed to be guided.

Special Committees

Capital Markets Committee

- The Capital Markets Committee (CMC) pursues the standardization of documentation, conventions and procedures toward the development of a more vibrant and robust capital markets while ensuring the public protection and transparency.

Risk Management Committee

- The Risk Management Committee (Risk ManCom) works with the regulatory authorities on the development of acceptable risk management systems and procedures in compliance to international best practices standards.

Tax Committee

- The Tax Committee (TaxCom) undertakes activities and recommends courses of action to clarify and/or resolve tax-related issues affecting the banking industry.

Education Committee

- The Education Committee (EdCom) initiates projects related to banking education and improving professionalism amongst member banks. It collaborates on different activities with the academe to improve the teaching skills and materials on the business of banking in the tertiary education.

Advisory Council

- The Advisory Council acts as advisor to the Board on matters and issues concerning the Association.