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Cybersafe October 10, 2019

The Pros & Cons of Updating Your Software

Software updates encourage a lot of different opinions in people, despite it being a neutral tool. Some people love to keep track of Android’s latest sugar-sweet offerings, but others would quickly swipe away software update notifications as though these were flies. Regardless of personal feelings, it’s always good to consider both sides in the software debate. Here are some pros and cons to consider when you’re thinking of updating:




  1. A safer version

Updates exist for a reason: they get your device up-to-date to combat new viruses and fix the bugs in the existing system. Updates also improve the overall performance and stability of your device.


  1. Repairs

New software repairs the existing flaws and cracks that hackers love to take advantage of. And if your device already seems to be slowing down or bugging up, then take it as a sign that it’s time to update it.


  1. Newer features

Software updates usually come with cool new features – Apple updates always cause a stir – and more than it being a trend to share with friends, these updates were developed to make your user experience better. Some apps also become incompatible with older software, so updates ensure everything runs smoothly.




  1. Good features gone

Updates mean change, and sometimes developers like to fix what isn’t broken. Some features disappear, fonts change, and functions become difficult to locate, so the software demands a level of re-learning.


  1. Bugs and flaws

New creations don’t necessarily mean perfect creations, so some software updates may not run as smoothly as we expect. In addition to changes, software may also introduce a few new bugs, but this means continued updating as they refine minor issues.


  1. Personal preferences

Users tend to get attached to software they were already used to, or found much better than the update. Windows 8 was famously hated when it first came out, so users were relieved to install the more practically designed Windows 10 two years after.


Overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Though it is a little inconvenient to update software over and over again, these updates will keep your device in use for the long-run. Bugs and flaws will always crop up, but updating regularly resolves these issues, improves your device’s performance, and keeps your device more secure than if you don’t update.


This article is part of the Banker’s Association of the Philippines’ (BAP) #CyberSafe campaign, where the BAP aims to promote awareness in cybersecurity. The campaign will upload new posts tackling common web security questions and issues on Wednesdays and Sundays every week.


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