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Cybersafe May 02, 2022

How To Report Incidents of Cybercrime

Knowing how to be safe online is important to have, given how technology has been such a key part in our daily lives lately. This is especially true for banking as most transactions now can be done through the screen of your phone.


Cybercrimes, such as phishing, are very common these days as cybercriminals exploit the widespread and rising use of online and mobile banking. In response, banks heavily invested in campaigns to increase the awareness of their clients about cybersecurity. 


We also now have people who made it their mission to share tips via social media on safe banking, thus, helping others be aware of the best practices that need to be second nature for most online and mobile bankers.


However, an equally important component of cybersecurity is knowing how to report cybercrime to the right people. This applies to both attempted and committed cybercrimes against you. Prevention is not the be-all and end-all of cybersecurity, going after and taking down cybercriminals is part of the equation, too.


So, how can you play your part to beat cybercriminals in the most effective way? Here are some steps for you to take:

  • Collect the information that you need


Cybercriminals usually contact you through text or email, thus, leaving a paper trail that would allow you to present evidence in your report. Make sure to take all the necessary screenshots of the text messages and emails that cybercriminals have sent you.


If someone is suspiciously calling you regarding your banking activities, then you are likely talking to a cybercriminal. In such case, make sure to record your conversation for inclusion in your report.

  • Make a report to the bank


After collecting the evidence, immediately file a report with your bank. There are various ways to report, such as through their social media channels, telephone and email. 


Since you are a client the bank, it is best to be familiar with how best to reach out to your bank. For one, you may need to talk to your bank for reasons other than reporting cybercrimes, such as inquiring how to apply for a credit card.


Why is it important to make the report to your bank? Banks have dedicated teams that can pursue cybercriminals. These teams are capable of following up on leads provided by you, identify the criminals and their platforms, take down the fake bank websites used for phishing, and many others. Remember, one less cybercriminal in cyberspace is a one notch better and safer banking for everyone.

  • File charges with the authorities


If ever you become a victim of cybercrime, it is important to file charges with the authorities so that you can recover the money stolen from you and send the criminals to jail. The authorities, that is, the police, prosecutors and the courts, are the proper people you should deal with to hold criminals accountable. They are granted powers by our laws to hold criminals accountable.


When you are filing charges, make sure that you have all pieces of evidence and artifacts for an airtight case. This is to facilitate the police and the prosecutors working initially to inquest the cybercriminal for his or her illegal acts. 

  • Learn from this incident


Becoming a victim of cybercrime is a very traumatic experience for anyone because the financial damage could be great. Therefore, learning lessons from the experience is a bitter pill to swallow.


We hope that the bitter and expensive lessons of cybercrime victims will lead people to know and apply the best cybersecurity practices so that the experience will never happen again to you and to anyone.