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Cybersafe November 05, 2020

Cybersecurity Free Online Courses

As the reality of COVID-19 continues to impact day to day life, cybersecurity is becoming more and more relevant with the increasing number of work from home arrangements.


Basic cybersecurity practices are the foundations of online safety, but there are ways to further guard against cybercrime. One of which is taking the time to learn about cybersecurity from a class that covers more than just what VPN or what cybercrime looks like. 


Several free courses are available online, and each offers an introduction to Cybersecurity that other resources just can’t provide. Of course, these free courses don’t provide a certification at the end but it does lay down the foundations to attaining one from paid courses. Here are four suggested free online courses to try out:


  1. Cybrary
    • An online library for cybersecurity and IT. Signing up for free gives access to almost 500 courses.
  2. Open Security Training
    • Hosts a range of intermediate and advanced classes, as well as beginner lessons. Offers introductions to topics along the lines of cellular security, network forensics and vulnerability assessment.
  3. Heimdal Security
    • An email-based course that delivers a lesson at set intervals. Its content provides step-by-step advice for keeping personal data away from cyber attacks.
  4. Sans Cyber Aces Online
    • Offers a basic introductory class to online IT and cybersecurity that is easy to follow and understand. After reading through the lessons and available entries about operating systems, networking and system administration, there is the option to register for a quiz.


This content is part of the Banker’s Association of the Philippines’ (BAP) #CyberSafe campaign, where the BAP aims to promote awareness in cybersecurity. The campaign will upload new posts tackling common web security questions and issues, on Wednesdays and Sundays every week.

For more content on cybersecurity, visit the BAP Official YouTube channel.