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Cybersafe January 14, 2021

Cybersecurity for Video Conferencing: tips for security

In the article Cybersecurity For Video Conferencing: Modes Of Attack published last November 2020, there was a discussion about possible threats during a video conference. Some of the popular ones include stealing conference links and having random uninvited users joining in the meeting. 


Thankfully, there are experts dedicated to warding off these attacks and have shared tips to heighten digital security. Some are basic practices, while others are extra layers of protection that many people can do.


Here are some of them:


  • Require passwords – This is one of the actions available to meeting hosts, which should be implemented at all times. Making passwords mandatory makes it easier to protect against uninvited guests and keep any sensitive information secure from prying eyes.


  • Check meeting links – When receiving a meeting link, it’s important to verify the link source. This is important in making sure the link is from known and trusted senders. Additionally, checking the link itself is helpful; things like “.exe” in the link can tell you if it’s malicious or not.


  • Patching – Updating the software being used to conduct the meeting increases its security. These updates, or patches, from the software creators, typically provide better security and remove any bugs that could be taken advantage of.


  • Report suspicious activity – If there are any signs of suspicious activity, reporting it will increase the chances of warding off attacks. Software companies are particular about the security of their products that they tend to take these reports seriously.


These are just four ways to level up digital security, and many more can be found. Check here for more information and ways to guard against cyberattacks.


This content is part of the Banker’s Association of the Philippines’ (BAP) #CyberSafe campaign, where the BAP aims to promote awareness in cybersecurity. The campaign will upload new posts tackling common web security questions and issues, on Wednesdays and Sundays every week.

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