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Cybersafe November 17, 2019

Checklist: Are your social media accounts safe? 

ACCORDING to DigitalCare.com, your social media habits need to meet a set of criteria for your accounts to be considered secure. If you can check all the items below, great! You’re probably more secure than most, although there is no telling what may happen in case of data breaches. 


However, if you can barely check through the list, you might want to reconsider your social media use and develop better habits. 


  • Are your passwords different for every account? 
  • Are the passwords you use “unique” and have more than 15 characters? 
  • Are you sure you’re not overposting on your social media accounts? 
  • Are all your devices password protected? 
  • Do you keep your social media account log-ins separate and unconnected? 
  • Do you limit the use of the Location function on your phone?
  • Do you always think twice before interacting with links?
  • Do you have control over your ads and cookies?
  • Do you vet every friend request you receive? 
  • Is your two-factor authentication enabled? 
  • Have you reviewed your security settings recently?
  • Have you ever considered using a more private social network? 


This article is part of the Banker’s Association of the Philippines’ (BAP) #CyberSafe campaign, where the BAP aims to promote awareness in cybersecurity. The campaign will upload new posts tackling common web security questions and issues, on Wednesdays and Sundays every week.

For more content on cybersecurity, visit the BAP Official YouTube channel.